That Locktician...

My name is Jackie and I am a locktician located in Montreal, Canada.

A locktician is a hair stylist who solely deals in natural hair creating dreadlocks. Since 2002, I own and operate my own business called Natural Elegance. It is the first natural hair salon focused entirely on the locks hairstyle.


Having studied creative arts in college, I didn’t want to simply style hair. I also meant to capture the beauty of my work through original concepts. The connotation that usually comes with dreadlocks is that of 'dirty hair' and 'pothead' but after many years in this business and having dreadlocks myself, I can say that those affirmations are false. My gold is to illustrates through photo projects, the beauty and passion that goes into having dreadlocks and the essence of what they represent. It's not just a hairstyle, it's a life style!



Natural Elegance


The Essence of Locks


One Step Away




5455 Sherbrooke st. Ouest

Montreal Quebec H4A 1W1


Tel. no.: 514 806-6721


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